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VPOP3 Fax Printer Drivers

Note that the VPOP3 FaxServer is no longer sold or supported.

To use the VPOP3 FaxServer plugin you will need to install fax printer drivers on the users' PCs. Please use the appropriate drivers from below:

Download VPOP3 FaxServer

If you are using the VPOP3 FaxServer plugin, rather than the Fax Pay-As-You-Go service, then you will need the VPOP3 FaxServer software as well

The current release version of VPOP3 FaxServer is version 0.13, released on 30 Jan 2018.

In order to use the VPOP3 FaxServer you need a licence code.

The VPOP3 FaxServer plugin will not work with the Home User licence for VPOP3, you need at least a standard 5 user licence or larger.

To use the VPOP3 FaxServer, you will also need VPOP3. So, if you haven't already got VPOP3, you can download it from the link below: