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This program is only for VPOP3 version 4 or earlier.

Redirecting LAN Forwarded Messages

When VPOP3 detects a message which should be sent using LAN Forwarding, it puts the message into the VPOP3 LAN Forwarding queue directory and stores with the message the address of the mail server where the message should be forwarded to.

This increases performance during normal operation, however, if the configuration is changed, there may be waiting messages which need to be sent to a different mail server from the one stored with the message file.

The VPOP3_LANFWD_REDIRECT.EXE program allows you to perform this redirection.

  • Unzip the VPOP3LFR_INSTALL.EXE file (a self-extracting ZIP file) into the VPOP3 directory.
  • Stop VPOP3
  • Open a command prompt and go to the VPOP3 directory
  • Run VPOP3_LANFWD_REDIRECT.EXE <IP Address of new LAN Forwarding Destination>
  • This will change all waiting messages in the VPOP3 Queue so that they will go to the new Forwarding destination instead of the old one.
  • Restart VPOP3

More detailed instructions are included in the downloaded self-extracting ZIP file download

Download VPOP3_LANFWD_REDIRECT.EXE Installer free of charge (42kB).