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VPOP3 Utilities & Extras

Obsolete utilities

These are for very old versions of VPOP3. If you have version 3.0 or later, then they are unlikely to be useful, and may harm your VPOP3 installation.

  • VPOP3 Database Test Utility
    (version 2.x)
  • VPOP3_LanFwd_Redirect
    Utility to redirect queued LAN Forwarding messages to a different server following a configuration change (version 1.x-2.x)
    Utility to perform a validity check of message UIDs. This may be needed after restoring a partial backup, or, in a few cases, after manually moving/editing message files (version 1.x-2.x)
  • FixLDAP
    Utility to check and fix the LDAP database structure if it has become corrupted (version 1.x-2.x)
  • EnableSP2Firewall
    Utility to enable VPOP3 access through the Windows XP SP2 Firewall
  • VPOP3Protect
    VPOP3Protect is a utility to filter dangerous attachments (version 1.x)
  • VPOP3 Plugin Pack
    Set of optional addins for VPOP3